FAQ About the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps(USNSCC)

Who are the Sea Cadets?

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a youth organization of the United States Navy. The program mission is to “create a favorable image of the Navy on the part of American youth”. The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps(USNSCC) is divided up into 2 sub-programs. The United States Navy League Cadet Corps(USNLCC) is the younger program. The USNLCC is designed for youth ages 10-13. The older program, United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps(USNSCC) is designed for youth ages 14 through high school graduation.

What do Sea Cadet do?

Supported by the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard, Sea Cadets and League Cadets have several opportunities to train alongside the men and women of the Navy and Coast Guard. First off, you can go to drill as a Perspective(interested)cadet. Then, if you decide to join, you will go to one of the many recruit trainings around the country. After recruit training, there are so many Advanced Trainings for cadets to do.

Am I required to join the military after I graduate?

Nope. You do not have to join the Armed Forces after graduating from the USNSCC. We are not an Armed Services recruiting method. You can if you want to.

How can I support even if I am not eligible to be a cadet?

You can volunteer! You can become an officer or you can support a local unit by training a class. You do not have to be a military veteran but it really helps if you are. You have to be at least 21 years old to be an adult leader. Parents of cadets can be adult leaders, too!

What is the minimum amount of drills I am required to attend?

75% of drills QUARTERLY(the 4 periods in the year)

What kind of trainings are available?

After recruit training, several trainings are available. Here’s a list of training topics.

  • Airman Training (Basic & Advanced)
  • Air Traffic Control Training
  • FAA Ground School
  • Culinary Arts Training
  • Medical Training (General, Field, Surgical & Dental Tech)
  • Firefighting Training
  • Photo Journalism Training
  • Ceremonial Guard
  • Submarine Seminar
  • Marksmanship Training
  • Construction Battalion (SEABEE) Training (Basic & Advanced)
  • Mine Warfare Operations Training
  • Music School
  • Seal Team Training
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal Training
  • Amphibious Training
  • Petty Officer Leadership Academy
  • Master-at-Arms Training (Military Police/Law)
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG) Training
  • Sailing School
  • SCUBA School
  • Seamanship Training
  • Shipboard Training
  • Opportunities also include living aboard Navy and Coast Guard Ships and Shore Stations for two weeks.

What experience is required?

No experience required! Experienced members(cadets and staff) will help teach you. If you do have experience in the military, it is a great plus.

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